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Community Health Initiative Partnership Grant Application

The Fulton DeKalb Hospital Authority has a broad mission to foster healthy communities on behalf of the Commissioners of Fulton and DeKalb County – one that delivers essential public telecommunication services to local communities in an efficient and effective manner. Rapid changes in environment, behavior choices, consumer dietary choices and inequities in social determinants of health, along with an uncertain economic environment, have placed enormous pressure on organizations as they seek to maintain and enhance their roles within their communities. Many organizations are exploring alliances with others to make more efficient use of their resources through strategic partnerships. These organizations are increasingly looking at various forms of partnerships, alliances and collaborations to realize significantly greater scale, effectiveness and impact.

New innovative models are emerging that promise more sustainable ways of improving the health of communities at greatest risk. The Community Health Initiative Partnership (CHIP) grant program is intended to support multi-organization initiatives to fully develop and implement collaborations, strategic partnerships that will increase abilities and capacities to achieve more together than each can accomplish alone. The CHIP will provide a grant to assist organizations with strategic implementation and evaluation of evidence-based services or programs in our areas of focus.

Grant Funding

Nonprofits seeking funding must demonstrate a commitment to collaborate and improve service to their respective communities. The CHIP grants program does not fund initial discussions, salaries, equipment, staff trainings or administrative fees. Nonprofits must have proven capacity in funding area.

Grant funding can be for any amount ranging from $1,000-$50,000 for one year of funding.

CHIP grants are intended to assist organizations that have demonstrated a serious intent to move in a collaborative direction and are seeking support to move the needle towards health equity and cultural resolve to move forward. The standards for determining “seriousness of intent” may differ given the different types of organizations and collaborative possibilities, however, they may include memoranda of understanding between organizational management or their governing entities, and evidence of progress already made toward collaboration goals. While the deliverables of CHIP grants may include the implementation of a collaborative plan, the program is not intended as a pre-condition to a next round of funding or as a guarantee of additional funding.


Eligible projects must include or benefit a minimum of two community-based organizations (CBOs) with proof of 501c3 status. Nonprofits must have been in existence for at least 5 years with proven capacity and funding from reputable other grantors. CBOs must serve only indigent residents in Fulton and DeKalb Counties, Georgia for the funding year awarded.

Applications must be submitted before 12:00 pm on the date listed below which corresponds with the end of each application period. Submissions received after 12:00 pm on the due date will not be considered.

April 1, 2021

Step 1

Gather all supporting documents for upload

  • Current 501c3 Letter
  • Organization W9
  • Participating Organization Support MOU & Board Support Resolutions
  • Itemized Budget (Download Template)

** NOTE: You must specifically name each expense, requested amount from The FDHA and total cost. Salaries/funding (employees, contractors and facilitators are not allowed), no equipment purchases, no overhead expenses (rent, phones, etc.), no indirect costs, no marketing expenses, no transportation expenses, funds for refreshments and incentives should be minimal.

Step 2

Read the following application requirements  and be sure to include your responses in the application. 

  • A list of participating entities, including: 1. Contact information for each participant; and 2. Identification of the lead organization responsible for overseeing the project, and acting as fiscal agent for the grant.
  • Demonstrated commitment from all participating entities, in the form of a signed memorandum of understanding agreement or Board resolutions supporting the proposed collaboration.
  • A proposed collaboration plan, identifying: 1. Why the entities are seeking to collaborate; 2. How they plan to implement the collaboration; 3. What the proposed collaboration will achieve (areas of focus, number of persons impacted, etc.); and 4. A logic model and timeline for proposed work.
  • A case statement identifying the need for grant funding, describing: 1. Any research, analysis, or implementation efforts already undertaken by participating entities; 2. What is needed to continue with collaboration efforts (i.e. facilitation, research, analysis, implementation efforts); and 3. What the grant will fund (description of project, etc.).
  • An itemized project budget, including: 1. An excel spreadsheet (with formulas) detailing costs associated with performing the work laid out in the collaboration plan and case statement, as well as any revenue outside of CHIP grant supporting those costs; and 2. A narrative/justification explanation of the spreadsheet (may be included in the case statement).
  • Dissemination plan: Commitment to write at least one manuscript and submit one abstract to a conference for oral presentation.

Step 3

  • Begin the application by navigating to the next section below and fill out the form, complete each section, and upload supporting documentation. (Google Chrome Browser is Recommend to apply)
  • Once you start the application at any time you can save your work by clicking Save and Continue. (Note that any document uploads will not save, only the text in the form fields) Once you save and continue a unique link will be generated and you will have the ability to email the link to yourself for future completion. 
  • If you are submitting multiple applications, please open another window to start another application.
  • Once complete, submit the application. After submission you will received an email notification to confirm you submission.

Begin Application

Once you’ve read the instructions, requirements & gathered your documents, apply now to begin your application. (Google Chrome Browser is recommended to apply)

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